The heart towards the distance. You go on without fear.

         Since TED BAKER UK shop was launched in 2008,we have focused on innovating design decisons to provide series

dresses.From the begining to the end,TED BAKER UK extremely clearly and firmlly pay attention to quality,are careful with 

details and unique British sense of humory!

         Designers devote a lot of thoughts , originally only from single pattern design to find inspriations by disparate fabrics,

gradually have fashion design collection.We start from color scheme and add different perspectives on display and collocation.

It makes the presentation ofdresses more tridimensional ,is in itself a story article.The all efforts exactly are the processes,in

which a person grows up to hero from ignorant young.

        TED BAKER UK shop focus on TED BAKER men’s and women’s clothing and bags,develop British design of high quality.

TED BAKER clothing shop online - TED BALKER UK SHOP focus on innovating design decisions to provide series dresses.